Interior design inspiration: Top living room trends

by Gary Vermaat 05/01/2022

If you're trying to find interior design inspiration, it can be helpful to learn about the latest trends. Styles and methods are always changing, and staying up-to-date can be an excellent way to get fresh ideas for decorating every room in your home. Here are some of the top, upcoming living room trends to know:

Curved furniture

Curved shapes and sweeping lines are a rising trend in furniture. Seating with rounded backs and edgeless end tables are some examples of where you can find this trend. Juxtaposing these smoother curves with the hard angles of mid-century modern revival designs creates depth and interest in a space.

Warm tones

Organic tones creating a sense of warmth are on-trend for living rooms. Some examples of popular colors to try are camel, brown-beige and rust. Used as wall color or as smaller accents, these tones will warm up the space and make it feel comfortable.

Natural & "lived-in" details

Combining the slightly distressed "lived-in" aesthetic with natural materials is another upcoming living room design trend. Lived-in or slightly distressed finishes make a room feel more welcoming and unintimidating. Opt for reclaimed wood furnishings and comfortable, cozy textiles to use this trend in your own space.


What began as a simple money-saving strategy, reupholstery is becoming a style staple for living room furniture. Many designers are choosing to refresh existing furnishings with new upholstery rather than replacing the items completely. Not only can this trend save you money compared to buying new furniture, it's more eco-friendly and less time-consuming.

Vintage furnishings

Vintage furnishings are coming back into the style spotlight in a big way for trendy living rooms. Vintage pieces can make a space feel unique and further promote the lived-in comfort of a welcoming living room. Try adding smaller furnishings such as side tables, lamps or wall decor to add a vintage flair of your own.

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